Much to my chagrin, sometimes to my amusement, I get accused of all kinds of hateful things. Generally, the writers of these posts haven’t actually taken the time to read what I’ve written: They’re attacking positions I do not take.  But others are simply mean.

I understand, really. It’s not always easy to eat a healthy diet amid the pressure of American society, and people trying to do so may at times feel like an oppressed minority. I understand that some of the “slams” really come out of this. I sympathize with other issues raised too, such as that the DSM is already too expansive (agreed — and I have never tried to get orthorexia into the DSM), and that the media is running with the term and taking it too far (yes, but that’s what they always do.)

However, I have to say that I am quite amused by the claims that I’m in the pay of evil agribusiness! Gosh, I wish. Then I could quite my day job.  As it happens, I make no money at all from orthorexia. My book sells about 12 copies a year, and I get paid exactly $0 from evil agribusiness companies.

Anyway, here are some representative posts:

Yourmothershouldhaveslappedyouharder writes: Please please eat all the fast food you can so we can rid the world of morons like you, does the MD stand for mentalty down? You are a horrible person that let greed and money dictate his joke of a life. I hope you get struck with the worst case of depression possible and that you know your life, your one now worthless life amounted to nothing and if anything could start a fire for horrible health of individuals to come. God save us, besides you, no place for you anywhere but a McDonald’s booth. God you are an awful terrible worthless person.

Marshall writes: Hey doc, you could do some serious damage: any individual who uses your false ideas as an excuse to stay on, or go back to, the homicidal gmo pesticide herbicide antibiotic additive fast food nutrient poor stale rotting meat fish chicken egg diet, will die quicker and horribly from cancer, heart disease, and renal failure.
Did you miss the part in med school about first, Do no harm?

Bill writes: dr. bratman, You are a moron. please go to mickey dee’s and chow down on a few big mac’s and don’t call me in the morning. I guess Monsanto’s GMO products, high fructose corn syrup, aspertame, processed sugar and flour are great for us. Amazing that they give a PhD in medicine to a fucking imbecile. Have a great day and don’t forget to supersize you idiot.

Alexander writes: So good to hear a Doctor is taking the problem of people eating healthy seriously. Its just sad to see people go buy organic food, with no pesticides or herbicides, or GM food, when McDonalds across the street are serving wonderful non-ecologically farmed, meat-tenderized hamburgers and pesticide lazed salads served with a fresh cup of aspartame based soft drink. Yum! Go Dr Steven!

“John Galt” writes, What an idiotic statement. This is as moronic as psychiatrists trying to tell people they have math disorders because they have trouble with algebra or that kids are mentally ill because they have trouble speaking in front of the class. All these mental “diseases” that the psychs are inventing (not real diseases that come from biopsies, bloodwork, etc.) are for profit only. They make things up so that they can sell bogus treatments and drugs and the gullible fall for it. But this one is about as stupid as they come. You’re an idiot and an opportunist for even suggesting such a thing. I hope somebody turns you in for fraud and incompetence.

The TruthWill writes: It’s all over the Internet that he’s a a shill for the AMA and big Pharma. They’re afraid that if we don’t eat their crap we won’t get sick and then the won’t make any $$$. If he publishes this comment it’s because he wants you all to think that he’s not those things, other wise why would he? And it’s true, you eat right, you won’t get sick. Why do you think people used to live to thousands of years old? Because they ate nothing but raw.

Rich writes: You sir, are an idiot! So now avoiding unhealthy food is a mental disorder! Ok, so to prove my mental well being I think I’ll go fill up on some greasy McDonalds.

EdR writes: This is absurd. I bet the finding of this ‘disease’ was helped by gov’t funding. Why not just call it healthy eating disorder? Throw in some Latin and it sounds legit. America is waking up to this bullshit…not all of us are dumbed down.

Adam writes: It’s just a way for this “doctor” to make money from his book on this “disorder”. It’s sad that people will do anything now just to make them money. I’m hoping this “disorder” does NOT make it’s way into the already too expansive, DSM.

Simon writes: This is the most ridiculous excuse for the practice of medicine I have ever encountered

K Hoover writes: Can’t help but wonder if the people promoting this idea are in the pocket of Monsanto & other producers of manifestly unhealthy food-like substances.

R U Cyrus from Oakland writes: Dear Dr. Bratman (is that what they’re calling you types these days? LOL) What about those who only keep Kosher? Do they have a mental disorder called Orthorexia, or would that be a hate crime to diagnose them as such?

I wrote back: “Having grown up Jewish, I can definitively state that keeping Kosher doesn’t remotely involve an obsession with eating healthy food.

RU Cyrus continues: You are very melodramatic, with a nice touch of histrionic flair! The very definition of orthorexia DOES apply to the rigidity of kosher dietary laws, whether you want to admit it or not, because doing so would expose you as a hypocrite. Stop crying wolf, Steven, no one’s listening anymore. If you want to see the big bad wolf, just look in the mirror. You are a tool for the big pharma industry, this is just evidence of the desperation of those who are invested so deeply in it. Carry on, water carrier!