Participate in Orthorexia Research

In order to study a proposed psychological condition such as orthorexia nervosa, researchers utilize what is called a “survey tool,” a questionnaire that can identify people who may have that condition.

Such a research tool is tricky to create. The tool most commonly used up until now, the ORTO-15, is in need of updating, and various researchers are attempting to do this. Thom Dunn, the Colorado researcher who coauthored a paper with me outlining new formal criteria for orthorexia, is soliciting help in creating his own proposed improvement to the ORTO-15.

Those interested in participating are invited to complete a short survey about their eating and dietary habits. Dr. Dunn is looking for a wide range of individuals, including those who have no issues with eating and diet. The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to take, most spend 5 to 10 minutes on it. Responses are anonymous.

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